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Channel Baling Presses available in various versions

The art of finding the optimal baler for your business!

Most baler manufacturers offer a specific baler technology (some strictly advocate pre-compacting technology with a Single Big Flap, some with Double lateral Flaps, some advocate cutting press technology). ANIS doesn’t.

The choice of the most suitable press technology depends on your type of business and the materials you process.

Sometimes a baler with shear blades, called a shear baler, is better; sometimes a pre-press with a big single flap is better with materials like PET and plastic film; and sometimes a high pressing force (up to 200+ tonnes) and throughput requirements makes a press with double lateral pre-press flaps the best option.

ANIS offers all options – to handle the widest possible range of materials!


Prepress method with Single Flap and

prepress method with Double lateral Flaps.

including pressing forces from 40 up to 205 tonnes,

four channel sizes 750 x 750mm, 800 x 1000 mm, 1.100 x 750 mm, 1.100 x 1.100 mm

shear blades consist all baler series.

Due to their long-established design ANIS balers do their job faster as well as being extremely reliable and offering the best ROI (Return Of Investment).

Highly compacted and stackable bales for optimal truck loading are the best proof of the excellent efficiency of these channel balers.

ANIS Medium to High Load Baler series with some main features


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