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New options available for the TS hall effect thumbsticks

Inside its sleek miniature package, the TS Thumbstick utilizes contactless Hall effect technology to provide long life proportional control up to one million lifecycles. Featuring a miniature tactile switch protected under an elastomer boot, the new pushbutton feature provides an off-momentary validation or selection feature. The new pushbutton handle is specified as the “Option 6” handle in the “Option Selection” guide.

The TS Series may also now be specified with a black oxide coated brass threaded D-flat housing, making for simplified drop-in panel installation. The threaded metal body provides full EMC protection; including EMI, ESD, and is environmentally sealed up to IP69K. The new metal housing may be specified with a “T”, in the “Mounting Hardware” field of the TS Series'' “Option Selection” guide. Mounting accessories for the new housing option include a stainless steel lock washer and hex-nut.


  • APEM