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Upcoming free online webinars for professionals: May and June 2020

Upcoming free online webinars for professionals: May and June 2020

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers you the following upcoming free online webinars for professionals for the months of May and June 2020.

Registration will be free and there will be limited places, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest directly from our specialized professionals.

ATSTORM® Webinars: The Expert Thunderstorm Detection System

The ATSTORM® system, recently awarded as the best solution in occupational risk prevention, allows you to know the electrical storms that are approaching the area to be protected and also those that are being formed over it; It is a complete system of advanced information with which to initiate preventive actions that minimize the unwanted consequences of lightning strikes.

Learn from an expert how to prevent and avoid accidents caused by lightning in your facilities.

Webinar for lightning rods with early streamer emission (ESE) DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE

Learn how to protect an installation from lightning effects and get an in-depth knowledge of all the elements that make up a lightning protection system.

No device can prevent the strike of lightning, but we can minimize or even prevent the damage it can cause to buildings, equipment and people by installing a complete system of protection against atmospheric electrical discharges.

Apliweld® Secure+ Webinar: the most efficient and safest exothermic welding on the market

Exothermic welding, also known as aluminothermic welding, is a chemical process that aims at the permanent molecular bonding of metals. It is used in grounding systems to ensure the safety of joints between conductors.

The advantages of Apliweld® Secure + are the replacement of the traditional powder charge for the charge in tablets and electronic remote ignition. These innovations save on operational costs and increase job security.

Find out how to avoid workplace hazards by performing exothermic welding with the help of our experts.

Webinar for Internal Surge Protection

Surges are an increase in voltage in the electrical network that can cause damage to the installation and electrical equipment of your company and/or home.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has a wide range of surge protection devices that effectively safeguard the most common electrical and electronic devices, discover them in our webinars.

Webinars of various Aplicaciones Tecnológicas products

Earthing is a fundamental element of any electrical installation, protecting both equipment and people from dangerous potential differences.

Find out how to improve your earthing with our experts.

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