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Why is ArcBro the Best Plasma Cutter OEM Supplier for you? Get inspiration from this successful story!

ARCBRO is committed to doing well in each of the above-mentioned aspects, and accepts customer verification at any time.

The ArcBro team is committed to reaching a long-term, stable and reliable OEM partnership with you, helping you solve various problems in the product development and production stages, and tailoring a full set solution for you. We are willing to provide the greatest support for your business and help you reach the leading level in the CNC cutting industry.

A well-known milling machine supplier has keen insight into the huge growth of demand in the market for CNC plasma cutting machine. The new project requires a strong supplier to support it.

As known, the first condition to be ahead of the market is speed, which means that every link, R&D, production, and delivery, requires professional and rapid docking. However, until the client cooperated with ArcBro, the project was difficult to advance.

Customer’s previous choice

Supplier 1: The supply chain is not flexible.

The customer did a sufficient analysis of the target market and made a decision on product variables, but encountered obstacles in the initial communication with the manufacturer.

“We are stuck in customization. Manufacturers have not achieved modularity from the initial mechanical design level, and they cannot respond flexibly in production and procurement. They are only willing to mass-produce standard products.”

The customer mentioned.

Standardized products have undoubtedly improved production efficiency, but have lost the competitiveness generated by differentiation. The market needs fresh blood.

Supplier 2: Quality cannot be guaranteed.

High precision is the manifestation of the machine’s comprehensive ability, and it is also the most widely recognized symbol of excellent machines in the market. Although the third supplier gave a very attractive cost plan, it was based on sacrificing machine quality.

“They do not have heat treatment and cannot guarantee the service life of the machine. Even without milling parts, the assembly accuracy cannot meet the requirements.”The customer said.

The most reasonable price and the best quality. This is the slogan everyone is chanting. However, only the R&D-focused suppliers who drive by customer satisfaction can do it well.

ArcBro Solution: Stinger 4400

At the first zoom online meeting, the customer describes their target market portrait. “They have personal workshops, love DIY and craftsmanship, have the passion and pursue.”

Workshop means stricter footprint requirements, while passion and hobby mean higher craft requirements and easier installation.

the customer and ArcBro’s CNC project manager quickly reached a consensus. The market orientation is a compact desktop CNC cutting machine that guarantees cutting quality.

The cutting performance of the desktop type is far superior to the portable type, and the budget and floor space are much lower than the gantry type one. Moreover, its Installation is the easiest among all models.

Stinger 4400 is undoubtedly the best competent machine. Stinger’s patented V-wheel and belt drive system reduces mechanical resonance by more than 50% compared with similar machines. The unique design of the separation of the load-bearing platform and the fuselage avoids the deformation of the fuselage caused by the load, which makes the service life of Stinger much longer than similar machines.

At the second meeting after a week, the customer received ArcBro’s OEM program, including the OEM model drawing based on the Stinger, the adaptation of electrical components, and the preliminary Cost estimation. They are based on remote English communication and presentation of PPT and 3D drawings. From the control system to the THC, every component has been adjusted for customer needs. ArcBro’s modular design makes machine customization as easy as changing a bicycle tire.

“A comfortable cooperation. The communication is very smooth, whether it is technology, docking, or language. This is unprecedented among the suppliers we have encountered.” The customer praised.

Surprising cost control plan

The cost of international transportation of machinery is a headache. ArcBro noticed this, and Stinger considered the point at the beginning of the design: detachable legs. Compared with most desktop-type machines on the market that have an integrated load-bearing table and body, Stinger can remove the legs during transportation to save transportation space. This ingenuity has reduced the cost of transporting a STINGER by 50% compared to similar machines! Subsequent assembly only needs to use screws to tighten the legs, baffle, and fuselage, without adding additional installation costs.

Deeper cooperation

There is no deadline for ArcBro’s services. From the customer receiving the first prototype to determining the quantity for mass production. Customers will receive assistance and feedback on the situation in each link. ArcBro is very happy to plan inventory management for customers’ sales in their markets. In terms of after-sales service, in addition to remote support, ArcBro can send technical personnel without language barriers to the customer’s local service at any time. As long as there is a demand, we are always there!

Final summary

Good suppliers can provide good products, while excellent suppliers provide:

1. Excellent production capacity

2. Excellent solution provision and communication skills

3. Excellent cost control ability

4. Excellent quality control ability

5. Excellent delivery ability

6. Excellent after-sales guarantee the ability

ARCBRO is committed to doing well in each of the above-mentioned aspects and accepts customer verification at any time.


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