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ARCBRO Stinger Mini CNC Table Cutting Machine

The First Class CNC Cutting Table

:: Compact and Delicate: Advanced desgin concept and excellent manufacture processing assure excellent cutting experience.Cruiser Mini is the most handy and smart small CNC cutter for Addicted Fan of metal art.

:: Servo Drive System: Excellent cutting output in high speed, finish loads of work in seconds.

:: Formed Beam: The whole beam system formed once present smoothest movement, no need extra straighten or adjustmet.

:: Pnumatic and Arc Voltage THC: Pnumatic for thin sheet and AVC for thick plate cutting. Easy switch between to THC mode to achieve best performance of big range plate. Cutting thickness from 0.3mm to 35mm.

:: Leadscrew Transmission: Using strong and delicate leadscew instead of traditional linear ones, achieves top-level performance with high precision and better overload ability.

:: Endurable and Module: Refine steel and Aluminum structure and module component present stable remarkble work though its whole long service life.

:: Plug and Play: Optimized structrue and simplified system allows any operater to achive high quality profiling easily and fast.

:: Cutting range: 600*600mm 800*800mm 1000*1000mm 1300*1300mm 1600*1600mm


  • Beijing, China