Your Productivity Improved with the Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Enclosure

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Improve your productivity by bringing Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Enclosures right to the heart of your shop floor. Your staff can carry out day-to-day tasks, like data input and creating shipping schedules, without having to leave their workstations.

The integrated touch screen technology, included with the unit, means you can phase out your paper-based processes or upgrade your standard computer systems. It gives your staff, your shop floor, and your business a complete solution that will enhance your productivity. But more than that you can expect the Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Enclosure to:




The versatile Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Enclosure doesn’t require a keyboard and mouse, but the unit can accommodate them if preferred. However, minimal training is needed for use. To get the best out of the unit and for speeding up productivity, it’s recommended to use the touch screen system.

The unit gives businesses with tough shop floor environments a solution for using much-needed computer equipment on the shop floor, without the threat of damage and preventing recurring costs for computer repair or replacement. Imagine:

• No more engineer call out costs

• No more maintenance contracts

• No more replacing equipment every 12 months

Manufactured using food grade (316) stainless steel, the unit has been thoroughly tested and carries an IP65/NEMA 4X rating. It’s a proven piece of equipment for food manufacturing facilities and washdown environments.

The unit is delivered as seen, with no assembly required on your part. It can be wall or stand mounted, a space saving benefit for already congested work areas, and useful for positioning equipment further out of harm’s way.

After sales benefits

• 5-year warranty covering all mechanical parts.

• 1-year warranty covering all electrical components.

Your Productivity Improved with the Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Enclosure

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