Make your production-line more efficient with the SENC-350 Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure

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• A faster, more streamlined production process

• Protection against equipment downtime, preventing profit loss

• An alternative to expensive industrial PCs

Operational without a keyboard or mouse, your personnel will enjoy a quicker way to work and your business will benefit from faster production times than ever before.

The Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure is designed for 100% efficiency and protection of your production-line.

Manufactured using food grade (316) stainless steel, the unit comes complete with a 17”, LCD touch screen, meaning you don''t have to spend more on a separate screen. The unit reduces the risk of damage from physical impact and sealants stop dust and liquid penetration.

The product has been rigorously tested, is fully waterproof and carries an IP56/NEMA 4 rating. The unit is designed and built in the UK, but is deployed worldwide by multiple facilities including: food processing factories, warehouses and clean room facilities.

Armagard says: “Not only does the SENC-350 improve production, it protects it. By reducing the risk of equipment downtime you''re safeguarding your business against profit loss, loss of market share and damage to your reputation.”

The SENC-350 is delivered as seen, with no assembly required. You can wall or stand mount the unit, a space saving benefit that enables you to keep congested workspaces clear and further keep equipment out of harm''s way, plus its compact design allows for installation in tight spaces.

Since 1994, Armagard has become responsible for the protection of equipment worth over £4 billion worldwide. We''re trusted and renowned across our industry sector as a double-award winning company. You can buy from us with complete quality assured.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT PRODUCTION PROCESS – A 21st century solution for production output.

2. PROTECTION – Goes beyond protecting equipment. It protects profits and reputations.

3. COMPETITIVELY PRICED – Significantly lower cost than industrial PCs.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

Make your production-line more efficient with the SENC-350 Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure

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