Prevent Profit Loss with the PENC-700 Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure

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• Profit loss

• Loss of market share

• Loss of reputation

It''s designed to provide 100% protection for virtually any mainstream desktop or tower PC, plus screens up to 19”, ensuring that equipment is safe and reducing the chances of breakdown.

The steel chassis and polycarbonate viewing screen reduces the risk of damage from physical impact, while sealants prevent liquid and dust penetration.

The unit is delivered as seen, with no assembly required and can be wall or stand-mounted, a space-saving benefit that enables you to clear already congested workspaces and further keep equipment out of harm''s way.

The product is IP54 industry rated and has been rigorously tested to industry standards. It''s manufactured in the UK, but is used worldwide by industrial facilities.

Armagard says: “Consider the cost of lost profit and damage to the reputation of your business as a result of computer equipment failure. For every minute, hour or day you''re out of action the cost adds up making investment in the Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure invaluable to your business.”

Since 1994 we''ve become responsible for protecting equipment worth over £4 billion worldwide and our reputation is built on providing quality computer enclosures across the industrial sector.

Buy from us and you''re buying from a double-award winning company. Our products not only protect your equipment, they preserve your production line.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. PROTECT YOUR PRODUCTION LINE – Stop equipment breakdown & keep your production line moving.

2. CUT COSTS – Save money on equipment repair and replacement.

3. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY – Increase the reliability of your equipment and speed up production processes.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

Prevent Profit Loss with the PENC-700 Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure

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