Waterproof Monitor Enclosure | Prevent Screen Downtime on the Shop Floor

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Presenting the SDS Waterproof Monitor Enclosure, an IP56 & IP65, industry rated screen and thin client PC protector.

This food grade (316) stainless steel unit prevents damage to ‘office'' IT equipment used in rigorous industrial environments, fending off dust, dirt, grime, water and chemicals. This material also prevents bacterial build-up, making it a popular purchase for facilities where high hygiene standards are paramount to operations. Additionally, the unit is completely rust resistant.


If a ‘pain point'' of your business operation is equipment downtime, installation of this unit will save you time and money long-term. Plus, it will speed up your processes.


Designed to protect screens ranging between 17” and 24”, this highly versatile unit can be wall, pole stand or ceiling mounted, keeping your equipment out of harm''s way and creating valuable space in production areas. Units come complete with a VESA mount to attach the display, plus space to house a thin client PC.

Delivered fully assembled, ready for installation, the unit offers quick, convenient protection for screens and thin client computers that will last for up to 10 years or more.


Armagard says: “This highly versatile unit can benefit industrial and medical facilities. For the industrial contingent it prevents screens from getting clogged up with dust and prevents water damage during wash-down processes. For medical facilities it prevents bacteria build-up, improving hygiene standards."

Reasons to buy – a summary

1. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY - Prevent damage & downtime, reducing the risk of financial loss.

2. CONVENIENT – Delivered fully assembled, ready for installation meaning minimal disruption.

3. GREAT VALUE – One price, 10 years'' protection. No recurring costs for repair/replacement.

After Sales Benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 12 month warranty coverage for electrical components

• Lifetime product support

Waterproof Monitor Enclosure | Prevent Screen Downtime on the Shop Floor

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