NTS-4000-GPS – Get Impeccable Timing Across Your Business

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Introducing the NTS-4000-GPS NTP time server, a dedicated time synchronisation device for your network devices, used to maintain accurate time for the benefit of time-critical business operations.

Capable of handling over 3,000 NTP requests per minute, the primary benefit of installation is that it serves networks using hundreds of devices. The unit is highly reliable, solving the problem of time drift and ensuring time accuracy to the millisecond.

A key feature of this unit is that it operates from behind your firewall, requiring no open UDP 123 port to operate, making the unit less vulnerable to security breaches.

The ready-to-use, Stratum 1 unit works by connecting directly to your network via a CAT5 Ethernet cable. There are no lengthy installation or configuration processes and the unit is discreet, mountable within a standard 19” (1U) rack, avoiding further desk clutter.

The device requires minimal maintenance, you can simply ‘set it and forget it'' & it''s compatible with NTP and SNTP.

Armagard says: “The NTS-4000-GPS NTP server allows you to synchronise hundreds of devices simultaneously. It''s extremely cost-effective and gives businesses a time synchronisation solution that''s accurate to the millisecond. Time synchronisation is made efficient and manageable with installation of this dedicated NTP server.”

Synchronising time across your business facility can improve business efficiency. All personnel are working to the same time criteria and time-critical system updates are carried out on time, every time. Businesses become more punctual, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. Everyone benefits!

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. EXTREMELY COST-EFFECTIVE – One unit, hundreds of devices synced.

2. SECURE – Highly secure! Operates within your firewall.

3. DEDICATED – Serves your network only. Stay in control of your time synchronisation.

After sales benefits

Industry leading 6 year warranty.

Product lifetime technical support.

NTS-4000-GPS – Get Impeccable Timing Across Your Business

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