Medical Keyboard – Maintain High Hygiene Standards across Your Medical Facility

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Presenting the Washable, Medical Keyboard brought to you by Armagard…

This IP65/NEMA 4X rated keyboard will keep your facility compliant with Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations introduced in 1992.

Unlike standard keyboards, the Medical Keyboard does not accumulate dust, dirt & grime. Instead, its silicone exterior repels such elements and enables you to clean it using common cleaning chemicals such as bleach, saline and Cidex 7, without causing damage to keyboard components.


It gives you a cleaner solution that requires less maintenance than a standard keyboard. Where grime gathers between the keys on traditional keyboards, leaving you wasting precious minutes trying to clean them thoroughly, the keys on the Medical Keyboard are flush, allowing for quick cleaning procedures.


There''s very minimal disruption to your current computer system setup, simply plug in and your computer will recognise the device and it''s ready to use.


The Medical Keyboard has a lightweight frame, perfect if you''re transferring your operations to a new facility. It can even operate in extreme temperatures as low as -30oC and as high as +80oC.


The Medical Keyboard measures 448mm(W) x 181mm(D) x 19mm(H) and features 102 keys. It has a USB connection, but a PS/2 adapter is also included should your PC not feature a USB input. It can be combined with Armagard''s Waterproof Compute Enclosure, giving your facility a complete, hygiene safe solution.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. IMPROVE HYGIENE STANDARDS – Ensure compliance with the Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992).

2. SAVE MONEY – Reduce expenditure. No specialist keyboard cleaning equipment required.

3. SAVE TIME – Avoid lengthy keyboard cleaning processes.

After sales benefits

• 12 month warranty coverage

• Ongoing product support

Medical Keyboard – Maintain High Hygiene Standards across Your Medical Facility

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