SENC-400 Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure – Watertight PC Protection for Wash Down Facilities

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This product will shorten cleaning processes by protecting your computer(s) from dust, dirt, grime & debris. It can also be jet or pressure washed, further reducing cleaning times across food processing, medical & laboratory facilities.

The product works as a protective shield, safeguarding PC & screen equipment used in hostile working environments. The unit is watertight and can withstand physical impact, featuring a 22” shatterproof polycarbonate viewing window that protects against screen damage and, in the event of breakage, poses no risk to clean zone environments.

The unit is also corrosion resistant, with no danger of rust formation, and it''s easy to clean. Multiple mounting options make the SENC-400 waterproof industrial computer enclosure a space saving solution. Mount on a wall or stand and keep work areas congestion free.

Armagard says: “You will speed up cleaning processes by installing a SENC-400. Your PC will be protected from the build-up of dirt and dust, which contain harmful bacteria and threaten clean zone environments and could cause PC downtime. Being able to jet wash your SENC-400 means cleaning times are halved, improving the efficiency of your facility.”

What makes the SENC-400 unique, compared to similar products on sale, is the customisation options available. Create the enclosure specific to your needs to provide protection for your PC & screen in your wash down facility, whilst improving hygiene standards. The product is delivered fully assembled, simply mount ready for immediate use.

5 reasons to buy – a summary

1. REDUCED RISK OF DOWNTIME – PC protection equals increased efficiency.

2. SAVE TIME - Ready to install enclosure, no assembly required.

3. SAVE SPACE – Wall-mount your unit and create more work space.

4. IMPROVE HYGIENE LEVELS – PC & screen equipment is not left exposed to accumulate dirt.

5. SPEED UP CLEANING PROCESSES – Jet or pressure wash and halve your cleaning times.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

• Ongoing product support

SENC-400 Waterproof Industrial Computer Enclosure – Watertight PC Protection for Wash Down Facilities

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