‘All New'' 72” Outdoor TV Totem Enclosure Launched by Armagard

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Presenting the newest addition to the Armagard digital signage enclosure range, the 72” outdoor TV totem. This purpose built, IP56/NEMA 4 industry rated unit is for businesses who put advertising high on the agenda. This product will solve the problem of outdoor TV screen damage, caused by adverse weather conditions, physical impact or attempted vandalism/theft.

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the unit is completely customisable allowing you to add internal temperature regulating systems, such as heaters or air-conditioning. You can also add anti-glare or anti-reflective technology to the reinforced glass screen to improve screen visibility in locations where bright light is a problem.

The product works by creating a harmonious environment for your outdoor TV screen to function, without the risk of damage. The inclusion of temperature regulating systems will prevent overheating and/or freezing, whilst the steel structure and reinforced glass window display protect against the threat of screen damage from physical hazards.

The enclosure requires minimal maintenance and is easily accessible, allowing you to change display content at your convenience. It also provides your business with a permanent advertising outlet that''s your own, no need to rely on costly advertising agencies, print media or web adverts for your advertising requirements. No deadlines, no time restraints, you stay in control of your publicity.

Armagard says: “This prominent digital signage enclosure will cut costs, whilst providing you with the opportunity to generate revenue. Safeguard against screen damage and have an advertising display system that''s operational all-year-round giving you maximum advertising exposure.”

What makes the 72” outdoor TV totem unique, compared to similar units on sale, is the customisation options available. Choose from single or dual-sided units and create the enclosure specific to your needs to provide protection for your screen.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. SAVE MONEY - Eliminate repair/replacement costs for damaged screen equipment.

2. SAVE TIME - Ready to install enclosure, no assembly required.

3. IMPROVE BRAND AWARENESS – 72” display attracts audience attention, a great advertising tool.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

‘All New'' 72” Outdoor TV Totem Enclosure Launched by Armagard

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