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New ISO-6431 Cylinder (438B Series)

As part of the renewal plan of our complete cylinder range, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new round 438B Series.

This involves the replacement of the 438A Series with the 438B Series. By adding this new version, which is a round ISO-6431 magnetic cushioned piston cylinder, we are widening our range and streamlining our offering to the customer. This new series is completely compatible with ISO cylinders, guaranteeing a standardised and versatile product.

The 438B is the only round aluminium cylinder on the market designed to ISO 6431 dimensions, giving the customer a solution which is unique to ASCO Numatics.

It offers an improved performance thanks to reliable technology currently used on our 450-453-454 Series.

The single acting version of the 438B Series offers an increased life span which is 5x longer than the old version, and features improved springs resulting in a more economic performance.

The A00 versions (standard strokes) are available on Express Same Day.


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