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A new range of short-stroke cylinders

The G441 series is the manufacturer''s latest offering, intended for machines that perform small, rapid, repetitive movements, in which every centimetre saved counts.

More specifically, G441 series cylinders occupy 30% less space than conventional cylinders.

They have diameters of 8 to 100 mm, with strokes ranging from 4 to 100 mm (other strokes available as options). Despite their compact dimensions, the cylinders are fitted with two standard grooves to hold different models of magnetic detector:

 a C-shaped groove on all cylinder diameters for flush magneto-resistive, 2- or 3-wire position detectors

 a T-shaped groove on cylinder diameters 32 to 100 mm for the entire range of T-profile detectors: ILS or magneto-resistive, with 2 or 5 m cable, M8 or M12 connectors, ATEX compliant, etc.


These cylinders are fully interchangeable with previous K-series short-stroke cylinders, without any need for an adapter to install sensors, saving customers time and money.

The range is available in several configurations:

 single rod, double-acting

 single-acting, retracted rod

 through-rod, double-acting

 rod anti-rotation device for cylinder diameters 20 to 100 mm.


ASCO Numatics has selected a light alloy for the cylinder body and internal parts, thus reducing the total weight of the cylinder.

Hard chrome steel rods (stainless steel for 8 to 25 mm cylinder diameters) and polyurethane seals make the G441 series particularly robust.

Counterbored, threaded holes allow for a wide range of side, rear or front mountings using sets of two flanges with adapter screws. They also make it easier to secure the cylinders, particularly long-stroke cylinders.


 Fluid: lubricated or non-lubricated filtered air or inert gas

 Operating pressure: up to 10 bar

 Ambient temperature: -20°C to + 70°C

 Rod end: threaded

 Self-lubricating metal bearing

 ATEX (1/21 and 2/22) and high-temperature (up to 120°C) models available.


  • ASCO