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Pioneered pneumatic proportional technology and now presents its latest innovation

Aimed primarily at the OEM markets, the Pulstronic II brings together all the expertise of a manufacturer which has made the field of pneumatic proportional technology its own. The first proportional pressure regulator valve appeared in the catalogue as far back as the 1980s.

Specifically, the Pulstronic II is inspired by ASCO Numatics'' flagship model, the SentronicD, with tried and tested mechatronics and a built-in display with adjustment buttons. It is a DN 4 three-way poppet solenoid valve with G 1/4 ports, digital control and three pressure ranges (0 to 3 bar, 0 to 6 bar, and 0 to 10 bar).

Operating principle

When the command signal (0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA) is received over the plug-in connector, two integrated micro pilot solenoid valves modify the pressure in the pilot chamber, and a booster in the lower part of the Pulstronic II converts the pilot pressure into an outlet pressure with a higher flow.

The outlet pressure is measured by a pressure detector and then integrated with the internal control loop.

Precise, constant and reliable control

The Pulstronic''s integrated control loop (with pressure indicator) can be used for extremely precise and constant pressure regulation. Pressure is maintained if there is a power cut. are major advantages for applications such as nozzle control (dispensing adhesive, varnish), turbine speed control, welding equipment pressure regulation, etc.

The Pulstronic II is economical, with no air consumption in the steady condition and power consumption not exceeding 3.6 W.

Like all proportional solenoid valves, it can be controlled from ASCO Numatics pneumatic distribution islands via G3 analogue I/O modules.

The main benefits of this piloting solution are quicker connections, easier configuration and diagnostics using the field bus.

Other specifications

 Fluid: air or inert gas, 50 micron filtration

 Low hysteresis < 1% maximum control pressure

 5-pin M12 connector

 Accessories: straight or right-angled female connectors, two-metre RS-232 converter cable with 9-pin Sub D connector (plug type or screw type).


  • ASCO