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Emerson extends compact modular valve island range

New valve option extends the application range of ASCO Numatics valve islands

Emerson has launched a new ASCO Numatics valve which extends the application range of its Valve Islands. The addition of the 502 series valve means that ASCO Numatics valve islands can now handle individual flow ranges from 400 l/min to 3820 l/min. When coupled with the innovative G3 or 580 series electronics the ASCO Numatics valve islands boast one of the smallest footprints vs flow rates on the market.

At 18mm in size, and with flow capabilities up to 650 l/min, the 502 Series valve is easy to integrate into existing systems and comes supplied fully assembled to a valve island. ASCO Numatics valve islands are available with a wide range of accessories – making them ideal for applications with complex configuration requirements.

Valve island configuration is easy using the ASCO Numatics on-line configurator. The configurator makes it possible for the full system to be defined, complete with all accessories. This enables customers to reduce any manual assembly or configuration on site and get their process up and running as quickly as possible, reducing both downtime and engineering time spent on configuration and maintenance.

As with all ASCO Numatics valves, the 502 Series has been built to last, with an IP65 protection level and a modular build. It is robust and reliable in operation with a metallic manual override, as opposed to the industry standard plastic. On the occasion that maintenance is required, feedback and diagnosis is made quick and easy thanks to the integrated graphic display located on the electronics module.

The full ASCO Numatics valve island offering is adaptable to a wide range of applications, from those in the automotive industry to packaging process lines.


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