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Cryogenic Valves

Brief of cryogenic valves

Cryogenic valves include Cryogenic ball valve, Cryogenic gate valve, Cryogenic globe valve, low temperature safety valve, Cryogenic check valve, Cryogenic butterfly valve, etc., mainly used in ethylene, liquefied natural gas installation, natural gas LPG LNG storage tank, receiving base and satellite station, air separation equipment, petrochemical tail gas separation equipment, Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, carbon dioxide low temperature storage tank and tank car, pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment. Output liquid low-temperature media such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, not only flammable and explosive, but also in heating to gasification, gasification, volume expansion hundreds of times. The application of low temperature valve controls the temperature and prevents explosion, leakage and other hidden dangers.

Athena have mature experience of producing cryogenic valves. Below are some cryogenic valves that we have done this recently, such as cryogenic Swing check valve,cryogenic ball valve,cryogenic globe valve etc. Also all the raw material used for cryogenic valves will undergo cryogenic treatment, which make valves apply well in use.


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