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New energy savers GA 90+-160 air compressors from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Compresseurs
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Longer service intervals and reduced maintenance time

Thousands of Atlas Copco GA air compressors are operating around the globe in applications like power plants, mining, cement, glass and metal industries. The new GA 90+-160 range is the result of solid industry knowledge combined with innovative features.

With its high-cooling capacity, GA air compressors can perform in all demanding operating conditions

and up to 55°C/ 131°F. The intelligent control and monitoring systems, the Elektronikon® and the

SmartLink®, offer many possibilities to optimize the compressor operation and further increase the savings. To reduce the operating costs, the new range offers longer service intervals and reduced maintenance time.

“At Atlas Copco, we innovate to maximize value for our customers.Efficiency is in our DNA and lowering the energy costs of our customers is our primary focus. But there is more we can offer: serviceability, ease of installation, integration, and monitoring. The new GA 90+-160 is another great example that our expertise lead to tangible benefits.” says Chris Lybaert, President Atlas Copco Oil- free Air division.

More energy savings, less CO2 emissions

The GA 90+-160 oil-injected rotary screw compressor range includes energy savings features like the IE3 motor, the no-loss water separator drain, the energy recovery module and the in-build dryers. The unique integrated dryer concept delivers clean, dry air to improve the process'' reliability and increases the energy savings. With the reduced floor space requirement, and the all-inclusive package, the installation costs are considerably reduced.

“In today''s industrial environment, our customers are looking for solutions that improve sustainability, efficiency and productivity, while lowering operational risk.We are very proud to add this new GA 90+-160 range to our offering. More energy savings, less CO2 emissions, the Atlas Copco drive for efficiency continues.“ says Conrad Latham, Vice President Marketing, Atlas Copco Oil-free Air division.

New energy savers GA 90+-160 air compressors from Atlas Copco

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