Golf with a difference

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Golf, a sport with a long tradition


Up until a few years ago, golf has been an exclusively outdoors sport and thus could not be played in bad weather, snow or icy conditions. About 15 years ago, in addition to the first indoor golf courses, the first ever golf simulator was patented. These simulators are designed for training and playing in conditions with limited space. For the striking mat, a flexible and robust base is required so that the electronic components, e.g. for measuring the impact speed and calculating the trajectory, work without hindrance.


A brush mat with flexible bristles, on which the tee and all necessary measuring points for a variety of calculations are reliably attached. Due to striking speeds of up to 160 km/h, the brush plate must be able to withstand extremely high stress.

Your advantages:

- Flexible and robust solution

- Reliable striking mat for precise measurements

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Golf with a difference
Golf with a difference

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