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New High Sensitivity Compact NIR Spectrometer!

Avantes offers a wide range of NIR spectrometers. The 2.x-series extended InGaAs instruments feature 256 or 512 pixel detectors and are available in configurations enabling measurements up to 2000, 2200 and 2500 nm. The –HSC is the improved version of the AvaSpec-NIR2.5TEC. This instrument is perfect for grain, corn, wheat, soya and other analysis.

A range of gratings are available offering the possibility to tailor the instrument for optimal performance in your application. The instrument is equipped with a replaceable slit which offers you great flexibility in your experiment.

Also available on the –HSC is the userselectable gain setting mode: LN(low- noise, standard setting), which gives you a longer integration time and higher signal to noise ratio, or HS (high-sensitivity) for measuring in lowlight conditions. Analog and digital IO ports enable external triggering and control of shuttered and pulsed light sources from the AvaLight series of illumination sources.


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