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#Product Trends

Avantes celebrates 20 years Solutions in Spectroscopy!

The company was started on the 1st April 1994. We started out mainly as a distributor and engineering company – we gradually started to add value to the product lines we were selling. We developed our own software, and created some of our own hardware as well. Over the years, we built up our distribution channels for our own products and solutions all over Europe, and eventually all over the world.

What will your main focus be for 2014?

Benno Oderkerk, founder and CEO of Avantes: “Our main focus is fundamentally to make our products more compact, and to give them more embedded intelligence. There are some products we are launching at the moment which certainly show that. Our primary release is the next generation of the AvaSpec MINI spectrometer, which is much smaller than our current offerings, but with all of the same features. The Avaspec MINI is primarily designed for handheld instruments, where compact size is of the utmost importance – it is designed to be really easy for OEMs to integrate into their products, but the embedded platform we use means you don''t need to sacrifice any functionality. We are also launching a number of new accessories which again are much more compact than the versions which have been available before. In the long term, our vision is to enable people to live longer, and stay healthier, in a safe environment – we will be producing many more products which are geared towards that goal in the future”.


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