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High Productivity and Hygienic Design

Aventics GmbH
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Optimally cushioned cylinders are a key prerequisite for minimizing the cycle times of pneumatic systems. With the new adjusted cushioning for mini cylinders of the CSL-RD series, Aventics offers a powerful alternative to standard adjustable cushioning. The cushioning is adjusted to the majority of all applications, saving users the time required for the fine adjustment of the cylinder. The design of the cushioning was based on the specific requirements of the food industry and is suitable for applications with frequent cleaning cycles.

 No adjustment times during installation

 Hygienic design for food industry applications

 Food-safe grease and scraper

Based on their many years of experience in the design of intelligent pneumatic solutions and their expertise in the application of hygienic design devices, the Aventics specialists have developed an adjusted cushioning system. The new adjusted system covers a wide scope of applications, is finely adjusted even to slow speeds, and does not require any adjustment during installation. Aventics uses a special air ducting system to achieve this improved cushioning performance and to reduce impact forces with changing loads and dynamic wear.

The adjusted cushioning is applied in Aventics mini ISO cylinders of the CSL-RD series, whose optimized rolling geometry ensures a virtually seamless transition between the tubing and the cover. In addition to the standard design, Aventics also offers a hygienic design variant with adjusted cushioning. The combination of undercut-free scraper, new cushioning contour, and rolling geometry minimizes potential clogging by impurities and production residues.

However, a design, which avoids grooves and dead spaces, is not sufficient to comply with the cleaning cycles involving acidic or basic industrial cleaners required by the food industry. This is why Aventics went a step further with the CSL-RD series: The corrosion-resistant stainless steel surfaces of the cylinder are smoothed via electropolishing to achieve a roughness depth below the EHEDG requirements of no more than 0.8 μm. In addition to its high performance, the scraper material was subjected to intensive tests with standard industrial cleaners to ensure optimum chemical resistance that meets the high requirements. The Aventics concept also includes a captive name plate. It is applied via laser technology to the tubing and keeps the identification legible even after repeated cleaning cycles.

High Productivity and Hygienic Design

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