AZO CONTROLS shows at the ACHEMA solutions around the production control system Kastor

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Kastor has been expanded with functions for automated handling of micro quantities using AZO®RoLog

New solutions from the Kastor family of products have been developed for AZO®RoLog – new robot-assisted dosing of micro quantities.

• Kastor RoWeighControl for controlling robot-assisted weighing

• Kastor RoRefill for refilling the dosing receptacle

• Kastor RoStore for storage and transport of dosing receptacles and target containers

• Kastor RoDataManager for managing job, formulation and receptacle data and settings.

These Kastor solutions can either be used as “standalone” models or they can be integrated into a comprehensive Kastor manufacturing execution system. Of course, a solution of this kind is also adapted to customer IT environments (ERP/MES) and provides end-to-end batch tracing.

It goes without saying that compatibility with previously implemented solutions using Kastor and ManDos is ensured. AZO®RoLog and the associated Kastor modules are thus the ideal addition for automated dosing of micro components.

The entire weighing process can be implemented reliably and documented using an end-to-end solution in conjunction with the Kastor batch module for weighing bulk and medium components and the ManDos manual weighing system.

Digital added value via Kastor DataCockpit

The main purpose of the Kastor DataCockpit is to extract insights from the existing data collected by modern production plants. The main objective here is to improve productivity and avoid errors, thereby making it possible to reduce the use of resources in production. If the data analysis leads to more stable, faster production, this creates the following benefits to the customer:

• Manufacturing costs are kept as low as possible.

• A fixed standard of quality is ensured throughout.

• It allows active and proactive controlling of production.

• Consumption of energy and raw materials can be reduced.

In the light of increasing costs for energy and raw materials, the efficient use of resources simultaneously provides a competitive advantage for your company. And ultimately, the environment also benefits from saving resources – just think “sustainability”. Use the Kastor DataCockpit to identify and exploit your potential savings.

Decentralised intelligence – the control concept of the future

Modular control concept: as a pioneer and innovator in the field, we are the first plant manufacturer in the segment – working together with WAGO – to be standing in the starting blocks. The magic word here is DIMA (decentralised intelligence for modular assets). In short, this means the capacity of production plants for flexible adaptation.

Modularisation, and the adaptability of production structures that it is designed to enable, represent significant challenges for the automation system of a plant. If the range of functions of a production plant changes, for example by adding, removing or exchanging modules, it must be possible to rapidly adjust the automation system of the plant to the new physical and functional structure. In other words, “plug and produce” would be the ideal scenario.

The aim is to use a standardised interface to write modules that are largely functionally independent, such that manual interventions during or after a process of converting the production plant are kept to a minimum.

DIMA is thus the answer to the increasingly more turbulent, short-lived markets that are moreover characterised by the end user's desire for individualisation. The goal is to dramatically reduce the timeframe between product concept and market launch. In addition to shorter project durations, the modular concept also delivers significant gains in terms of flexibility – and this in turn delivers the necessary competitive advantage for your future.

Process leading and visualisation system of AZO CONTROLS
Process leading and visualisation system of AZO CONTROLS

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