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AZO Pre-Engineering – Everything from a single source

AZO at Powtech in Nuremberg hall 1, stand 356

Apart from customized solutions for automating raw materials and processes, AZO also offers the possibility to support the customer in planning production logistics by conducting concept studies.

This service is performed by the engineering & services division (AZO®e&s) as part of the pre-engineering process, tailored to the customer's existing or planned new system. Parallel to the plant design, additional process equipment is harmonized and planned with potential vendors. Apart from systems and process engineering, the logistics, media supply and staff rooms also play an important part. They can, if necessary, also be taken into consideration early on during this phase in order to create an ideal basis for further procedures (architecture, planning of budgets etc).

Regardless of whether it concerns an existing brownfield plant, where the aim is to refurbish existing buildings and/or equipment in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art technology (retrofit) and include possible expansion, or whether the project is at the greenfield stage where the priority is on dimensioning and ensuring investment for the entire facility. This independent planning service combines systems expertise with process-oriented layout design, thus ensuring a comprehensive engineering phase.

Logistics and layout are adapted to suit the (core) process engineering so constraints and bottlenecks can be averted or kept to a minimum. Planning is carried out entirely in-house, this simplifies communication and organisation.

Various planning and digitalization tools allow us to additionally support specific planning processes whilst including this service in our portfolio. In addition to the usual 3D design, there is the option of preparing systems and components designed using CAD so that they are available for the virtual environment (VR technology). Models are given a realistic, tangible character. This helps to make things more understandable for people not directly involved in the project and offers the advantage of not having to wait for the unit to be completed. This means, for instance, that operator training courses can be held in advance, saving the customer time and money.

In particular, VR technology can be integrated into the planning for future equipment. However, then questions are raised; “Is the existing space large enough?”, “Where is the best position” and so on. Limits are often reached in existing plants, especially when making adaptations or expansion. In order to counteract such problems, 3D scanning is becoming increasingly important as an as-built documentation. Here too AZO offers you this service, either as a service provider or by integrating it in ongoing projects. A simple 3D scan which offers a range of potential options for creating added value through the data collected, allowing a digital transformation and so providing the customer with maximum assistance in the planning process.

The main output of this technology is a point cloud, which depicts the collected data in the form of thousands of three-dimensional point coordinates. Preparing this file makes it possible to directly plan the current situation. In addition to documentation of the current state of the plant, collision-free planning with 3D CAD is possible. The time saved by control, reference and interface procedures can be invested in more detailed and accurate planning. In addition to the point cloud, a 360° photographic view is an additional benefit resulting from this service. A complete 3D scan avoids incomplete documentation for supposedly unimportant areas and thus also possible additional work for other measures.

Generating and analysing data and creating added value will remain the focus of AZO within industry 4.0 and will be pushed further in the future.


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