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PCD Chipbreaker Inserts


WORLDIA PCD Chipbreaker Inserts are suitable for machining aluminum alloys, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, all nonferrous materials, composites, reinforced plastic, and materials with abrasive binders. Eliminate bird nest chips when turning or boring, tailored to finishing or general machining operation.


Adopted unique 3D chip breaking pocket design with precision laser machining technology, Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools issue PCD Chipbreaker Inserts to satisfy customer that requires a chip breaker at the actual cutting point.

Functions and Features:

1. Eliminate bird nest chips when turning aluminum or other workpiece materials;

2. Unique 3D chip breaking pocket design, guarantee excellent chipping resistance, highly improved working efficiency;

3. Excellent chip control is available in finish machining and general machining with same chip pocket form;

4. Suitable for more wide cutting range with the same unique 3D chip pocket design.


PCD Chipbreaker Insert use premium PCD materials for the cutting tips and high quality tungsten carbide for the substrates.

Quality Control:

We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipments to keep good and stable performance for WORLDIA products.

ODM/OEM services:

We accept customized products and can satisfied the clients’ individuation demand.


As a specialized diamond cutting tool manufacturer and supplier, our business partners are all over the world including some cutting tool industry giants, and we wish to work together with global friends to promote the development of diamond cutting tool industry.


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