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HFP2ST700US - Ultra Slim High Pressure Double Stage Manual Hydraulic Pump

Extremely compact, light and versatile, for high pressures

Series: HFP

Product line: Industrial tools, lifting systems, garages, hobby, emergency, clamping systems, small

hydraulic equipment, crimper, hydraulic cutters, ultra portable applications

• Operated through lever

• Ultra compact size and lightweight for maximum portability

• Double stage for a very low effort on the lever and an increased efficiency

• Significant reduction of fatigue during operations

• Steel construction for maximum strength and durability

• Single acting cylinder compatibility

• Compact and sturdy construction for heavy duty

• It does not require any pneumatic network, compressors or any other devices for operation

• Easy to handle and transport

• Versatile use in both vertical and horizontal positions

• Max working pressure up to 700bar

• Very lightweight and overall dimensions.

• Also available in a case kit complete with flex hose and fittings


  • Via Filippo De Pisis, 5, 42124 Reggio Emilia RE, Italy