Quick tube length checks with the new measuring table; the Solitair

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Length control of products in a cutting process

Length control of products in a cutting process is an utmost important part. Especially for controlling the length of cut and processed tubes or solids Bewo Cutting Systems developed the Solitair. The Solitair is a practical and user-friendly measuring table for measuring product lengths rapidly. Besides the Solitair Bewo, from the Netherlands, is also developer and producer of the high performance automatic cutting machines and processing equipment for tubes and the super strong manually operated circular saw, the Bewo CPO.

It’s very important to check the lengths of your products during the cutting process. International Sales Manager, Ton Vugts explains: “The possibility of saw blade wear is always present. If the saw blade indeed shows wear, product lengths cannot be guaranteed. If you would check the length of every 100th product with the Solitair, you will stay in control of the cutting process and you’re guaranteed of a batch with the desired product length.”

Ton Vugts also notices changes in the market: “We see that the customers of our clients demand increasingly precision when it comes to the tolerance of product lengths. With the Bewo Solitair measuring table you get absolute measurement results with minimal deviation. This makes the Solitair an extremely suitable tool to check whether processed products have the desired length. The Solitair measuring table is equipped with a convenient printer for making measurement reports. You can easily draft measurement reports with self-dictated text. With the printer you will be able to give bundled measurement reports to your customers for example.”

The Solitair measures products up to 3,000 mm with a diameter up to 115 mm. Further the Solitair is based on the same concept as the familiar Bewo measuring table, the MT, but with a new design. The main difference between the MT and Solitair is that the Solitair is modularly built, using the latest production techniques. This results in very competitive pricing.

Bewo presented the practical Solitair measuring table on the Tube & Wire exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany in April this year for the first time. During the exhibition visitors could try out or watch demos of the Solitair. Now, multiple clients from Europe and the United States are using the Solitair satisfactorily.

Bewo Solitair measuring table
Bewo Solitair measuring table

Bewo Solitair measuring table for checking tube lengths

Bewo Solitair measuring table with printer

Bewo Solitair measuring table with printer for measurement reports