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BIG KAISER Fullcut Mills achieve supreme cutting performance

BIG KAISER, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and watch-making industries, today announced its new Fullcut Mills. There are two versions: FCM for profiling and FCR for ramping.

The FCR and FCM Fullcut Mills are indexable insert endmills that deliver excellent cutting performance for demanding milling applications. They are available in many types and for every machine spindle, and are particularly well-suited to use with BIG-PLUS machine spindles with taper and face contact.

To achieve the performance of solid endmills and reduce edge chipping, the new endmills have high sharpness and toughness. The mills are extremely stable and enable high cutting data, with their excellent precision and rigidity achieving cutting conditions that are otherwise only available on larger machines.

The new mills have lower cutting resistance than any other products on the market today, with higher rigidity achieved by a rigid integral body that is optimal for all machining centers, as well as by a dual contact system that resists chatter. The positive high rake sharp cutting edge for both radial and axial directions achieves smooth and quiet end milling

“The sharpness, rigidity and features of the new endmills are unmatched by any competitor,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of BIG KAISER. “This means customers can get the best performance and precision, while maximizing tool lifetime.”

To suit a wide range of applications, FCR is available with HSK, BT, SK and BIG-PLUS and cylindrical type interfaces, and with cutter diameters from 16mm to 33mm. FCM is available with HSK, BT, SK, BIG-PLUS and as screwed on arbor type and cylindrical type and with cutter diameters from 12mm to 100mm. Inserts for all material are available.

In one example, the FCR endmill can achieve stable helical milling with 4mm axial depth of cut (DOC) on a less rigid workpiece. Compared to a typical endmill from another manufacturer, this means DOC is 1.3 times better, and insert life is twice as good.


  • BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd.