Blulog has developed inertia logger for temperature monitoring

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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Water tight, easy installation, reusable, and above all very precise and reliable - this is how in a nutshell look the new temperature data loggers consisting of an electronic tile hidden in a semi-fluid gel, developed by Blulog

The key to maintaining appropriate conditions is detailed temperature monitoring that allows to react efficiently in the event of deviations. So far, the food industry has dealt with this challenge in various ways. One of the most effective methods is the use of an automatic temperature monitoring system, which allows to control the storage and transport conditions as well as to archive data giving the opportunity to download a measurement history, and in case of any excursion, sends immediate notifications. The system created by the Polish-French company Blulog is based on credit card size data loggers.

Engineers are going one step further and propose a new inertial technology.

- Our new concept is based on an electronic plate placed in a semi-liquid gel. This design allows to place the data logger directly in the environment of a given product, which guarantees even more accurate monitoring than, for example, when placed on the wall of a refrigerator or cold room - says Leszek Żukrowski, Business Development Director at Blulog.

As confirmed by research carried out at the Electrotechnical Institute of Technology and Materials Technology in Wroclaw, the data loggers placed directly in grated carrots, potatoes or meat had the same temperature as the inertia loggers, and each time the environment changed, the differences were indicated after three minutes, avoiding any alarms that have no direct impact on the quality of the product, e.g. at the moment of opening the refrigerator or operations in logistic area. The staff no longer needs to make additional reports explaining the irrelevant single peaks of temperature. Detailed research has also indicated that the behavior of inertia loggers can faithfully reproduce what is happening with specific products and they can be the most reliable source of information about the actual temperature of products. The new type of data loggers also allows detecting the phenomenon of heat accumulation in the product, which is particularly useful in the process of delivery of goods, when the refrigerator door is regularly opened.

Efficient data transfer and notifications

An important point is that the new structure of the system does not affect its current technological capabilities. Temperature monitoring developed by Blulog is carried out wirelessly. Users can choose between two types of technology depending on their needs - NFC (fast, short-range data transfer) and RF (radio data transfer).

- Both technologies allow you to keep you informed about a possible interruption of the cold chain, for example in the event of door opening. Data loggers store the data first in their internal memory, then send them to a gateway connected to the cloud. Any anomaly is signaled by sending SMS or e-mail notification - adds Jérémy Laurens, CEO of Blulog.

The new system is already available to users for monitoring temperature during transport and storage. Currently Blulog is in process of assembling several hundred sets in Poland in cooperation with the largest telematics company in Europe, TomTom Telematics. In addition, the solution has been successfully tested at the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław, where a system of 140 Blulog loggers is being expanded further by 30new inertia data loggers.

Blulog has developed inertia logger for temperature monitoring

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