Blulog launches BluRoad, a temperature monitoring solution for transport

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BluRoad, a wireless, real-time temperature-monitoring solution for refrigerated ground transport

Blulog, a cold-chain safety specialist, has announced the launch of BluRoad, a wireless, real-time temperature-monitoring solution for refrigerated trucks.

For public health and safety reasons, regulations require temperature of refrigerated vehicles to be monitored. Some merchandise, such as food and medicine, must be transported under special conditions and at well-defined temperatures. That is why it is vital to ensure proper transport conditions in real time and to be able to respond quickly and prevent problems before they occur.

BluRoad: an innovative solution compatible with carrier software

BluRoad is a complete, wireless, continual temperature-monitoring solution designed for refrigerated ground transport. The system measures and delivers temperature data, minute after minute. It is comprised of temperature data loggers placed inside the refrigerated areas and of a hub in the cabin of the truck that transmits data to the cloud. The hub has its own battery, allowing it to continue transmitting independently, even if the truck is stopped.

“BluRoad by Blulog provides an API to allow temperature data to be easily integrated to carriers’ existing transport management systems,” says Jérémy Laurens, Sales & Marketing Director of Blulog.

In case of temperatue excursions, SMS and e-mails are sent to alert the appropriate people. All data is also available in real time in a customizable online app that provides temperature reports in PDF format, making it possible to respond quickly and prevent potential problems.

BluRoad also features an optional truck fleet geolocator that uses a GPS module or the 2G/3G connection.

3 different solutions

Blulog offers 3 versions of its BluRoad solution for every business need:

BluRoad Real-time: This is the most comprehensive solution, featuring a hub in every truck to transmit data in real time. A full temperature history is available, along with geolocation and logistics information. The onboard hub connects to the internet via a 2G/3G network and a SIM card or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the driver’s smartphone (or PDA) hotspot, without an internet subscription. Drivers can respond to temperature fluctuations quickly.

BluRoad Automation: In this version, the hub is installed in the receiving warehouse. Upon a truck’s arrival, the receiver receives the temperature history automatically. Automatic data reading saves time and streamlines the procedure.

BluRoad Traceability: This third version does not require a hub at all. Instead, the recipients or drivers use their smartphones or PDAs with NFC technology to read temperature data from the loggers located inside the trailer and upload it to the cloud.

“Our multiple solution allows our customers to choose the right solution according to their needs and budget,” says Jérémy Laurens.

As an optional feature, a QR code linked to the trailer’s temperature data loggers can be added to trucks. Recipients scan the QR code to see temperature history. They can also enter their e-mail address into the website to receive the temperature report in PDF format.

The BluRoad road transport solution is already in use by the top pharmaceutical wholesaler in Poland and by a number of food producers in Europe. It is also being tested by major ground carriers and logistics providers in France.

Cost & Availability

The solution is tailored to customers’ needs. It is now available from Blulog distributors and integrators. Blulog temperature data loggers are individually calibrated and available in a 1-year and 3-year version, depending on customers’ needs. Cost varies depending on the optional features selected.

Blulog launches BluRoad, a temperature monitoring solution for transport

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