Leading food retailer in Poland chooses Blulog's temperature monitoring technology

Jeremy Laurens
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A contract to equip 200 warehouses and distribution points of Eurocash Group with an innovative thermometric technology provided by company Blulog was signed in August 2016, after two years of testing.

Eurocash Group will invest in the innovative technology that enables real-time temperature and humidity monitoring in large-scale warehouses and distributions centers located all over Poland. The solution was elaborated by Blulog, a French-Polish company based in Poznań. Accordingly to the contract signed in August, 200 distribution points will be equipped with Blulog's devices. Warehouses and distribution centers will be monitored in real-time thanks to dedicated data loggers. The implemented solution will allow to maintain high level of products’ quality and to minimize losses related to sudden increases and drops in temperature. It is certainly worthy mentioning that food losses represent approximately 20% in the global scale, while losses linked to the distribution sector are up to 5% in European Union (report provided by Fusions, Estimates of European food waste levels on 31.03.2016). Eurocash decided to equip every storage zone located in its warehouses: dry, fresh and frozen products.

The Group decided to install a system that, thanks to Ethernet/Wifi hubs and RF+NFC data loggers and a dedicated application, enables direct monitoring of the conditions in warehouses or distribution centers. - We elaborated this solution in order to answer the growing need of the food market. The products used in this market are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Incorrect conditions can damage the biological and chemical structure of food, causing huge financial losses – says Zbigniew Bigaj, CEO of Blulog – The technology installed reacts immediately and as a consequence, it protects the owners of warehouses, distribution centers or shops against potential problems – he adds.

Eurocash's representatives emphasize that innovation investments are the right way to develop the company – implementation of latest technologies is compulsory to maintain the leading position on the market. “We are aware that we have to constantly develop our brand and raise our standards” – assures Karol Maćkowiak, representative of Eurocash Quality Department.

First tests of Blulog's devices were carried out in 2014. Eurocash chose the RF data loggers and signed a contract for installation of 40 loggers to monitor different storage zones in a 25,000 square meters warehouse. In 2015 Blulog equipped 5 other warehouses with about 60 temperature and humidity loggers. - The system required technological improvements. We wanted to assure direct access to the data even in time of Internet and electricity breach – explains Zbigniew Bigaj. Finally Eurocash decided to implement a system based on Ethernet/Wifi hubs and on data loggers combining the RF and the NFC technology. The wholesaler will soon install Blulog's devices in 200 warehouses and distribution points all over Poland.

Blulog is a company specialized in providing solutions to companies interested in temperature monitoring. Many companies have already equipped themselves with Blulog solutions, including restaurants, food producers, food retailers, pharmaceutical producers and hospitals. Apart from France, Blulog sells its solutions globally, from Congo to French Polynesia.

Blulog's solutions are the result of 15 years of R&D on an M2M technology carried out by Polish inventors. As a consequence, the company came up with monitoring solutions using credit-card size, precise and unique devices.

Leading food retailer in Poland chooses Blulog's temperature monitoring technology

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