Blulog launched its NFC-connected isothermal box in partnership with Emball’iso at the Temperature Controlled Logistics congress in London on the 31st of January 2017
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An all-in-one solution for the transport of the temperature-sensitive products

Blulog - a specialised french-polish startup in securing the cold chain, announces the launch of NFC-connected boxes – in partnership with Emballi’so, a French partner which designs, manufactures, tests and qualifies temperature controlled packaging for the protection of the thermo sensitive products in transit.

Storage conditions are crucial to transport in a successfull way drugs or biological material. Even minor temperature variations can cause substancial damages to the products.

“Cytotoxic drugs are highly susceptible to atmospheric conditions and require specific packaging,” says Jérémy Laurens, sales and marketing director for Blulog. “During the whole transportation process, the drug should be kept within the temperature range of 2–8°C, outside of which the substance becomes ineffective.”

Blulog and Embali’so met last year and decided to work together on a solution reliable and innovative to monitoring the drugs transportation.

« Our teams have a complementary expertise and skills to enable the launch of suitable and durable solution in order to monitor the temperature of sensitive products during the transport » explains Yann Martin, Global Sales Director at Emball'iso.

Easy and innovative process for the drugs transportation

The sender receives a fully prepared NFC-connected isothermal box ready-to-use. The NFC logger is directly integrated in the isothermal boxes which enables great simplification of the whole logistics process. The sender just needs to select the profile and the tracking and then to add the products to send. The inside and outside temperature are measured during the whole transportation.

To be as transparent and safe as possible, the 3PL company is also enabled to scan the temperature and upload the data to the cloud, without opening the box, providing another possibility to ensure the proper drug temperature maintenance during the transport.

During the delivery, the transporteur scans directly and upload the data to the cloud. In this way, the recipient doesn’t need to remove the dataloggers from the box which reduces the risk of loss or forgotten of the datalogger.

Once the products have been delivered, the box is picked up to be used again for the next transport.

« Our solution is particularly well suited to the transport of vaccines, biotechnology or clincial trials» explains Jeremy Laurens, Director France and Europe Blulog.

Secure, simple and dedicated cloud application

Credit-card sized, autonomous and very affordable, these NFC temperature data loggers offer a +/- 0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C and +/- 0.4°C on the rest of the range -40 to +60°C, with calibration certificate provided.

During the whole transportation process, the drug is tracked and geofenced.

The solution includes the automatic sending of a PDF report upon delivery. In this way, the sender can see the whole process and be sure that the proper drug temperature maintenance has been respected during the entire transport.

He also has access to an Intuitive Web interface to check the data storage and analytics.

The system is thoroughly secure and encrypted, ensuring no potential data manipulation.

Smart box with uniques characteristics

This solution enables full temperature traceability with validated and calibrated loggers. The company receive a pre-configured box and logger provided with all necessary parameters. Blulog provide API for an easier integration to the existing IT and ERP systems. Patent-pending, this solutions is affordable and reusable.

Blulog launched its NFC-connected isothermal box in partnership with Emball’iso at the Temperature Controlled Logistics congress in London on the 31st of January 2017

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