Blulog and Ubique group equip EXKI restaurants in France with a global solution for food safety
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In France, the quality fast food chain EXKI has chosen the Iqoo solution edited by UBIQUE group and integrating the NFC data loggers from Blulog for HACCP traceability.

Founded in 2001 in Belgium, EXKI is a quality fast food chain incorporating nutrition and well-being with a real ecological and social commitment. Nowadays, the chain has 85 restaurants, spread out in 5 European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands) and in the United States.

Coolterm, which distributes the Blulog NFC data loggers, has worked in collaboration with the Ubique group to offer to EXKI the IQoo solution. It integrates the Blulog NFC data loggers for the dematerialization of its the Health Control Plan (HCP) and its HACCP traceability (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Following a test phase in a Parisian EXKI restaurant with a dozen of Blulog wireless data loggers, integrated with the IQoo solution to monitor the temperature of food storage sites, the deployment started in February 2017 in France in 15 EXKI restaurants.

A solution that meets the regulatory constraints fro HACCP traceability

Catering follows very strict rules regarding hygiene and respect of the cold chain, designed to avoid the emergence of bacteria and toxins. A temperature change, even a minor one, can lead to quality deterioration of the product and be responsible for food poisoning.

The EXKI brand was looking for a system offering real-time global traceability

EXKI was impressed by the IQoo solution, integrating the NFC data loggers from Blulog. As part of the IQoo solution, each restaurant is equipped with a PDA to ensure the preservation of its products and to pilot the NFC data loggers.

Credit-card sized, autonomous and reliable, the Blulog NFC data loggers provide a precision of 0.2°C between 0 and 30°C and 0.5°C on the rest of the range -40°C to +60°C. Moreover, all data is secured and encrypted using the key AES128.The autonomy, memory and calibration of the data loggers have a 1-year warranty.

Innovative technology to dematerialize the Health Control Plan (HCP)

"Using iQoo on a daily basis allows to work under the best conditions.The solution reduces the problems we may have with non-conforming products. IQoo also allows, in case of sanitary control, to establish a clear and precise traceability, which severely limits the number of errors. It is user-friendly, logical, easy to learn, and at the same time offers high performance. The temperature monitoring of refrigerated units becomes very simple and practical. We just need to scan directly and upload the data approaching the PDA of the card ". explains Wulfran, Assistant Manager at EXKI.

“For many years, I have been looking for IT tools to manage food safety and quality, both in the distribution sector and the Horeca sector. I finally discovered IQoo, a solution that perfectly meets the food safety requirements to be managed on a daily basis.

The IQoo solution stands out from its competitors for the responsiveness of its teams constantly listening to their customers, but also by its ability to adapt to their needs. And also, thanks to innovation, IQoo allows to recover and manage temperature data via NFC technology. This is very useful in case of sanitary control because all the data entered or recovered are saved and secured on a continuous basis. Compact and portable, the solution can be moved easily if necessary, " explains Claude Francotte, independent consultant and expert in Quality and Food Safety.

IQoo solution features

Rewarded best SaaS solution in its category by the French Tech initiative, the IQoo solution includes, from €59 ex VAT / month:

- Hardware including professional scanner

- IQoo soflware

- Hygiene pack, inventory module, NFC temperature loggers…etc

- data backup

- Online consultation of secure data.

- Settings

In conclusion

The testing phase at EXKi resulted in the deployment of the solution in 15 EXKi restaurants in France. The next step will be to extend the solution to the Belgian restaurants of the brand but also to continue to conquer new renowned references for the the IQoo / Blulog partnership.

Blulog and Ubique group equip EXKI restaurants in France with a global solution for food safety

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