The Blulog radio frequency data logger homologated EN 12830

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Blulog - a startup specialised in securing the cold chain, announces that its wireless temperature recorder has been approved by CEMAFROID in terms of European standard EN 12830

This European standard defines the technical and functional characteristics of air temperature recorders for equipping the means used for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen and deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream.

It specifies the test methods which allow the determination of the equipment's conformity to suitability and performance requirements.

It applies to all temperature loggers’ sensors. The temperature sensors may be integrated into the recorder or work remotely via its external sensors.

In particular, the EN 12830 standard verifies if the recorder is capable of operating in cold or hot environments (-40°C to + 70°C) while maintaining accuracy even over ± 1°C, and under conditions of road transport, e.g. under acceleration and shock loads of +/- 10G.

Originally created for the agro-food sector, this standard represents a genuine guarantee of quality and an assurance for users of temperature recorders holding this certification.

"We are very pleased to have obtained this certification, which imposes a high level of requirement for our real-time temperature monitoring solution. It is essential for us to respect international standards in order to impose ourselves on the different markets, which is a distinguishing feature of our solutions ", says Jérémy Laurens, France and Europe Director Blulog.

An innovative way to monitor perishable or thermosensitive goods

The Blulog radio frequency data logger allows real-time temperature monitoring with a plug&play installation and on top of that the system is still very affordable.

Credit-card sized, the Blulog data loggers enable a wireless data transmission within a range of 700 meters in free space which can be increased using repeaters.

The Blulog radio frequency data logger measures and stores the temperature in a given location every 10 minutes (every 15 minutes in case of the humidity version). Temperature data is sent to the hub along with a UTC time indicator (using ISM - industrial, scientifical and medical - radio signals).

Then, the hub transfers the encrypted data to a secure server, located in France.

The solution is connected to the cloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS and enables real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world. It also allows to send real-time alerts via text messages or emails if the temperature exceeds the limits set by the user.

Strong international presence

With more than 100 customers in 54 countries, Blulog has also around 50 distributors and integrators all over the world:

Currently, Blulog equips supermarkets from the Schiever group which owns more than 160 stores and 10 brands in France. Blulog's wireless solution simplifies temperature readings for employees. In addition, the solution also allows remote access to the stored data in real time and enables to inform the user in case of temperature excursion thanks to SMS or email alerts.

Eurocash Group, one of Poland's leading food retailers, also cooperates with Blulog with the aim of equipping 200 warehouses and distribution points across the country. Thus, the Blulog RF solution allows temperature and humidity monitoring of the different Eurocash storage areas where dry, fresh and frozen products are kept.

Depending on the zone, users of the solution can configure all the necessary parameters such as the temperature and humidity limits or a measurement interval via the web application.

In case of temperature excursion, an e-mail is being sent immediately to warn the staff members concerned.

Blulog is currently cooperating with several warehouses, restaurants, shops, hospitals and pharmacies all over France, but also internationally, for monitoring of thermosensitive products.

The Blulog radio frequency data logger homologated EN 12830

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