Blulog presents the new generation of its real-time temperature monitoring solution

Jeremy Laurens
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Since 2015 Blulog, specialized in cold chain optimization solutions, has been offering solutions for temperature monitoring. In September 2017 the company launched a new version of its remote, real-time monitoring system

Secure and homologated temperature monitoring devices

Credit-card size, Blulog RF data loggers have since 2015 been implemented by more than 150 companies in 50 countries to enable remote and real-time monitoring of their cold rooms, warehouses, refrigerated trucks and other storage areas of temperature-sensible products.

Blulog’s data loggers transmit temperature data via radio frequency to a new generation hub, whose range in free space can reach now up to 1,000 meters. The new, very performant hubs are also less energy-consuming and can be provided with a 24h backup battery.

The autonomy, memory and calibration (+/- 0.3°C precision) are guaranteed for 3 years, which correspond to the battery life. Moreover, the Plug & Play system allows very simple and quick installation.

New Web and mobile apps to ensure remote monitoring

The BluConsole app enables real-time, simultaneous or remote monitoring using any kind of device connected to the Internet: smartphones, computers or PDAs. In case of temperature excursion clients receive alerts via email or SMS enabling them to react quickly and solve the problem.

There were a couple of new functionalities added to the BluConsole app recently. Among others, it is now possible to see the temperature data expressed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Moreover, the ID number of the logger can now be linked to the ID number of the transporting vehicle.

The PDF reports were also modified: the graph is now bigger and there is more logistic information, as well as the geolocalization data. A new model for data logger with external probe was also added.

What's more, users can choose now between different language versions, including Spanish or Portuguese.

A new maintenance mode enables to desactivate alerts during given time periods (for instance during the night). There are also new options for personalization available.

In order to assure the continuous monitoring from any place in the world, Blulog has elaborated different mobile solutions:

BluRadar is an Android application enabling the installation of loggers by showing the best place to put the devices. To do that, the app shows the strength of signal between loggers and hub in a given place. Thanks to this information you can know if any repeaters are needed and where to place them.

- BluRadio Mobile is an Android app which allows to see the data transmitted by RF loggers locally. A USB hub connected to a smartphone is needed.

- BluRadio desktop - a version of BluRadio Mobile dedicated to computers. It allows to see the history of data.

- BluTrack, app launch in May 2016, offering a complete track & trace solution to track pallets / containers / trucks during transport.

- The Blumobile Android app enables to consult data from BluConsole in real time, directly on a smartphone or tablet.

The real-time monitoring solution was recently adopted by the Eurocash Group, the leading Polish food distributor who decided to equip 200 warehouses and distribution points with the solution.

Blulog presents the new generation of its real-time temperature monitoring solution

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