TIPS 2017 : Blulog will present its innovative wireless temperature monitoring solutions in collaboration with Emball'iso and SOPAC

Jeremy Laurens
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Blulog, a European cold chain specialist, will attend the TIPS (Transport International Health Product), which will take place in Lille (France) on the 26th and 27th of September at the Cité des Échanges.

The event, organized by the Pharma Logistics Club, will focus on North-South transport and will be a continuation of the conferences organized throughout the year by the PLC.

Following the conferences and debates organised during the year, TIPS 2017 will focus on the international transport of health products from clinical trials, biological sampling through to the medicines given to patients in France, Africa and French overseas territories.

On this occasion, Blulog will be present alongside Emball'iso and SOPAC with whom the startup are collaborating to set up innovative temperature monitoring solutions

In early 2017, Blulog launched, in partnership with Emballi’so, a NFC-connected boxes for the protection of the thermo sensitive products in transit.

Since 2016, the company SOPAC and the start-up Blulog have been launching together recorders called Sopalog RF and Sopalog NFC. Reliable, affordable and compact, solutions are eligible for all sectors that have to secure their cold chain and in particular the pharmaceutical industry.

Already present on the pharmaceutical sector, Blulog equipped last June the Lower Silesian Oncology Center which is the first hospital in Poland to have installed the innovative solution temperature monitoring of Blulog. The M2M technology allows medical teams to maintain and guarantee the optimum temperature conditions of the product during transport and storage.

Jérémy Laurens, Sales & Marketing Director at Blulog and also Board Member of the Pharma Logistics Club, will be a speaker and animator during the workshop on Wednesday, September 27, from 9:00 to 12:00, entitled " Report on the work of the Metrology – Traceability Committee of the PLC ".

The workshop will focus on the difference between indicator and recorder: indeed there are multiple technologies and types of temperature measuring instruments. What is an indicator, what is a recorder? What are the different data transmission technologies available, including advantages / disadvantages of each?

Come and meet Jérémy Laurens at booth B24. He will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to all the available solutions together with Blulog’s partners Emball'iso and SOPAC.

TIPS 2017 : Blulog will present its innovative wireless temperature monitoring solutions in collaboration with Emball'iso and SOPAC

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