Blulog equips the greenhouses of Hirano mushroom, European leader in the exotic mushrooms manufacturer
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The company provides high quality mushrooms to european, asian and american market. With the production capacity of 8 tons per day and with distribution points in France and Netherlands, Hirano delivers its products within 3 days to any destination

In 2017, the company from Kosovo had been looking for an innovative solution to monitor their production. Hirano cooperates on a daily basis with many supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and caterers and is thus obliged to provide products of the highest quality possible.The company met Blulog at the Fruit Logistica Fair in Ferbruary and was instantly convinced by the technology dedicated for temperature monitoring.

The parameters such as temperature and humidity should be precisely monitored during all the phase of production in order for the substrates to cultivate properly. “It was crucial to find a solution that could help us to guarantee that our shiitake substrate cultivation is going to happen as planned. The mushrooms substrates are very delicate and

need special conditions. The temperature and humidity should be steady at all times“ explains Festim Bejtullahu, Administrative Director at Hirano Mushroom.

After passing the test phase, 30 Blulog’s data loggers are now assuring the real-time monitoring the temperature and humidity of different production areas. Factors crucial for production : temperature and humidity in greenhouses

The company benefits from the innovative technologies in order to monitor all the processes

related to the production of mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are mature, they are manually picked and verified in order to assure that the clients buy only the ones of impeccable quality.

“ We have two types of greenhouses: Cultivation Greenhouses & Growing Greenhouses. The cultivation greenhouses is where we keep our substrates after inoculation for around 100 days. First of all, the temperature in greenhouses where the mushrooms are cultivated must be between 23 and 25 degrees in order to optimize the production. Inferior temperature slows down the process and superior one damages the product. Moreover, the humidity level of 70 to

75% is absolutely vital. Then, we have also growing greenhouses where the substrates are opened from their bags and where the mushrooms grow. In these greenhouses the temperature is vital because if the temperature is too high, mushrooms grow too quickly and lose their quality.” explains Festim Bejtullahu.

Blulog’s RF data loggers, of a size of a credit-card, measure and transmit temperature data every 10 minutes (or 15, in case of the version with humidity) to a hub that uploads it to a secure server located in France. The range between the hub and loggers can reach up to 1000 meters in free space.

Hirano Mushroom was looking for exactly for such reliable real-time and remote solution allowing to save the time of the staff.

“ Thanks to Blulog’s data loggers we can detect even the smallest technical problems and react as quickly as possible. The solution can inform us for instance about problems regarding sprinklers that need cleaning or sensors that needs to be replaced in one of our greenhouses. It also helps to know when to increase or lower the temperatures or humidity

inside the greenhouses.” adds Festim Bejtullahu.

The reliability is also an important factor: the precision of Blulog;s devices is around 0.2°C for the range +0 to 30°C and typically 0.5°C for the rest of the range (+30 to +70°C or -40 to +60°C depending on the version). Moreover, all the data is secure and encrypted, using the AES 128 key (name of the algorithm protecting data).

Web application for real-time and remote monitoring of greenhouses

Connected to the Internet via Ethernet, Wifi or GPRS, the hub uploads data to the cloud. Then, the BluConsole web application allows to monitor data in real-time, remotely and simultaneously, using any kind of device connected to the Internet: computer, tablet or smartphone. In case of temperature excursions, the client receives alerts via SMS or email - this way he can quickly react and solve the problem. The company appreciated the possibility this multi-devices access to the app which gives a global vision of current parameters, from everywhere, at all times, including nights or


“ Thanks to Blulog I am immediately informed in case of any technical problems and I can intervene very quickly. Moreover, the PDF reports allow us to archive the history of data. The solution is definitely reassuring and satisfying » explains Festim Bejtullahu

Future perspectives

After 3 months of cooperation with Blulog, Hirano is entirely satisfied with the results. This also helps to value the expertise and reinforce the legitimacy of the company, which is useful not only in relations with their current clients, but also with prospects.

Blulog equips the greenhouses of Hirano mushroom, European leader in the exotic mushrooms manufacturer

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