Blulog unveils new functionalities for its road transport monitoring solution
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The company has now come up with brand new functionalities, allowing to adapt the system to the customers’ needs. One of the novelties is the compatibility with TomTom Telematics solutions.

Tailored and secure monitoring solutions

Blulog has recently updated its different versions for BluRoad, a wireless, real-time temperature-monitoring solution for refrigerated ground transport. Depending on the needs, customers can now choose :

A system allowing to check the entire history of the delivery cycle at the arrival of the truck. In this case the RF data loggers, integrated with shipments and/or in the transporting vehicles, measure and save the temperature data in their internal memory until they connect with hubs, installed at different points on the way (delivery points, distribution centers, warehouses, etc.) and send automatically the history of the last 88 measurements. Moreover, based on the hub’s position, users can quickly determine at what time the truck arrived to the particular place and have inventory tracking.

A real-time monitoring solution comprised of a 2G hub and RF loggers in the truck. Thanks to the miniature 2G hub installed in the drivers cabin, users have remote and real-time access to the current and historical data, using any device with Internet connection. Immediate email and SMS alerts are sent in case of temperature excursions. This version also features optional geolocation.

A solution enabling the driver to have real-time view of the data presented on his smartphone/tablet. In this scenario the hub, connected to the Internet via GSM or using Bluetooth/Wifi HotSpot from the tablet, is linked with the driver’s device and presents the data, informing immediately about excursions. With a correct configuration, the data can be also transmitted to the cloud to assure the remote and real-time access using the web platform.

NFC loggers integrated with boxes or pallets: thanks to the miniature devices, the recipient can access the history of measurements at the moment of the good’s arrival, using any NFC-enabled device and the report is also automatically sent to the sender as a proof of delivery.

Compatibility with existing telematic systems

Having as a goal to facilitate the implementation of temperature monitoring during road transport, the Bluroad road transport monitoring solution can be integrated with different telematics solutions used in the transporting vehicles. Blulog is already compatible with TomTom Telematics system.

More than 500 trucks have been already equipped with Blulog’s solution and the implementation is already planned for thousands of trucks in 2018.

Blulog unveils new functionalities for its road transport monitoring solution

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