Blulog equips Dr Fischer Group with temperature monitoring solution to ensure optimal temperature at work

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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The thermal conditions in the production halls as well as in other areas are regulated by national law. How production companies control the temperature at work? They use innovative monitoring solutions.

Appropriate work temperature limits are defined by national law in each country. In Germany for example, the temperature in offices should reach 19° C - 21 °C and in the production halls can not be lower than 12° C. The control of thermal conditions is primarily complicated if the building is heated by different energy sources. Machines also generate additional heat and make the process even more difficult.

Making work more comfortable

One of the companies that face the challenge of maintaining optimum temperatures is DR Fischer Group, a leader in the lighting market, employing over 500 people and producing solutions for different applications: medical industrial, architectural or urban traffic lighting. The products, created in part manually in factories located in Germany, France and Italy, are then delivered to 70 countries. To ensure optimal working conditions, the management of the company provides special measures to control the temperature in the production halls, as well as in offices, canteens and other facilities.

- Our production halls are heated on the one hand by factory heating systems (boilers, radiators, heating groups) and on the other hand by the production machines which generate heat. We are looking for a compromise between these two energy sources. We want above all to maintain stable thermal conditions for our employees. During the winter the temperature ranges from 20 to 21 ° C - explains the Facility and Environment Manager at Dr. Fischer Europe SAS.

SMS replaces manual control

In order to ensure stable temperature conditions, the company was looking for a complete solution for temperature monitoring. Eventually the company decided to implement the system developed by Blulog - a solutions based on M2M (machine to machine) wireless communication between devices, allowing to automate the monitoring process. The system consists of miniature, credit card size data loggers that measure temperature with precision around 0.2 °C (for the range 0 to 30 ° C) and around 0.5 ° C for the rest of the range (-30 to + 70 ° C or -40 ° C do + 60 ° C depending on the version). The data is then collected in a gateway/hub tand transmitted to the cloud. All data is stored and protected on two servers located in France.

- The temperature in the production halls and offices is monitored remotely, wirelessly and in real time If case of excursions, users can react immediately. - explains Jérémy Laurens, CEO at Blulog.

Currently the thermal conditions in the company are monitored by about 30 data loggers. The system allows the staff to manage the heating process and react quickly in case of any anomaly.

Before installing the system, the temperature in the company was controlled manually, engaging the time of employees. Dr. Fischer is now planning to expand the system to monitor the thermal conditions of the production process (ventilation, air ducts, etc.)

Blulog equips Dr Fischer Group with temperature monitoring solution to ensure optimal temperature at work

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