Blulog’s solutions for temperature monitoring of drugs and vaccines approved by WHO

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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Temperature monitoring solutions created by French-Polish company Blulog are used for controlling the cold chain of drugs and vaccines transported and stored in third world countries, among others in Africa or in Middle East.

The monitoring and tracking play vital role in fighting against epidemics. Recently, the RF system elaborated by Blulog was approved by the World Health Organization.

Experts from the Deloite estimate that overall expenses spent on the health protection will increase by 4,3% by 2020 (data from ‘The Worldwide health service report’, April 2017). In Western Europe the cost in this sector is expected to increase by less than 4%, in Asia, Oceania, Africa and in Middle East, respectively 5% and 4,2%. The biggest growth is projected for countries in development stage - up to 7,5%. Among the reasons of the growth in countries such as Africa or Asia we can enumerate above all the need to eradicate epidemics, for instance smallpox or measles (accordingly to data collected by the WHO after 1980, the measles kills around 2,6 million of people every year).

The World Health Organization, one of the most important cells of United Nations, has been taking care of the worldwide health security protection for almost 60 years. Its efficacy is a combination of different factors: optimization and development of the infrastructure, healthcare service efficacy, clinical technologies, IT systems, but also new, innovative technologies, including the ones dedicated for drugs storage and transport.

Vaccines under control

Drugs suppliers have to obey very stringent norms and regulations regarding transport and storage of products, which have to be kept in particular conditions in order to maintain their quality - for instance vaccines should be kept within 2° do 8°C at all times. Any excursions can result in deterioration or complete loss of their efficacy.

Blulog, Polish-French company specialized in cold chains securing systems, created a solution based on M2M technology (machine to machine). The system is composed of credit-card size data loggers measuring data every 10 minutes. Their autonomy, precision, encryption and storage of data, as well as the accompanying software make this solution unique on the market. How does it work in practice?

- Our data loggers measure the temperature with average precision of +/- 0,2°C within the range 0 to 30°C and +/-0,4°C on the rest of the range. The data is then sent to a secure server, and a PDF report is automatically sent to the user. He can also receive alerts via SMS or email in case of any temperature breach, disconnections or any other issues - explains Jérémy Laurens, CEO of Blulog. Data loggers can be installed in fridges, medical offices, boxes or in refrigerated trucks.

WHO certification

RF system developed by Blulog has been already introduced in more than 20 developing countries and is used to guarantee good conditions of storage of vaccines and other medicine for humanitarian NGOs. They were used among others during vaccines campaigns against yellow fever and measles. Blulog’s solution was recently officially approved by WHO in the E006 category (Temperature monitoring devices) - you can access certificate in the following link:

Blulog’s solutions for temperature monitoring of drugs and vaccines approved by WHO

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