American Winery Uses Blulog Technology

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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Engine House 25 Winery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a popular spot for athletes, artists, and wine lovers, including Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. One of the secrets of the former firehouse is the automatic, real-time temperature monitoring

Engine House 25 is located in a restored firehouse located just two miles from Pittsburgh centre. The total surface of 1,000 m2 includes event space, the museum of Roberto Clemente - a famous Puerto Rican baseball player that played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a professional photo studio and, of course the winery.

Keeping Casks Hydrated

Engine House 25’s winery is located in the basement of the old fire house where their premium and custom blended wines are cellared. In order to preserve as much product as possible, the Blulog system is used to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels do not drop too low or too high. If humidity is too low, wine can evaporate and product loss occurs. If temperature levels are too high or low, product degradation or spoilage can occur.

One of the key reasons for Engine House 25 to choose the Blulog system was its ease of use. The wireless system utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) technology to send the temperature and humidity information to a cloud-based dashboard where the information is available in real time.

¨Being wireless, the loggers can be installed in any room without having to run cables or wires. The dashboard makes it simple to view temperature and humidity data as well as generate date range reports for each logger zone¨, says Jeremy Laurens, the CEO of Blulog.

Temperature monitoring preserves the precious memorabilia

What is the common point for wine and museum artefacts? They both should be kept in optimized thermal conditions to maintain the highest quality.

“It's a big old building and the regulation of the environment is really difficult,” explains Elizabeth Hamilton, events coordinator at Engine House 25. “In the museum, we use data loggers to ensure the stability of temperature. This helps us preserve the valuable relics on display from damage.”

When Engine House 25/The Clemente Museum first started using the Blulog system, they discovered that the temperature difference between the hottest and the coldest rooms could be as much as 13 ° F. The Blulog system enabled Engine House to adjust their room environments to be more consistent thus creating a better environment for the memorabilia.

Moreover, in case of any anomaly, immediate and automatic alerts can be sent to authorized members of the staff via SMS or emails.

“If we can figure it out, then anyone can,” says Harrison. “The system is very easy to use. We can put the loggers anywhere and monitor any area. The email alerts keep us notified as to what is happening in the building. We are excited to be using this new technology.”

American Winery Uses Blulog Technology

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