Blulog equips Fruitful - company delivering fresh fruits to businesses - a new trend beneficial for everyone

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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More than 50% of the European Union's citizens eat daily from one to four servings of vegetables or fruits. It is linked to a dynamically developing trend of delivering fresh products to where people work, instead of home.

The World Health Organization indicates that we should consume about 400 g of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, preferably in five smaller portions. Nevertheless, the everyday reality and the big amount of duties often make it difficult. The following data from the European Commission say a lot about the dietary habits of the citizens of individual countries.

No fruit / vegetable per day:

Romania - 65% of all the consumers

Bulgaria - 59%

Latvia - 49%

Slovakia - 47%

Czech Republic - 46%

Germany – 45,2 %

EU average - 34%

Between 1 and 4 servings per day:

Belgium - 71%

Croatia - 66%

Slovenia - 66%

Italy - 65%

Turkey - 63%

Germany – 44,9%

EU average - 51%

At least 5 servings:

United Kingdom - 33%

Ireland - 29%

Denmark - 26%

Netherlands - 25%

Portugal - 18%

Germany – 9,9%

EU average - 14%

It is worth mentioning that in UK we observe the highest consumption of at least five portions of fruits and vegetables. What can cause this state of affairs? In UK, it is increasingly popular among companies to organize free caterings of fresh fruits and veggies. This trend is also noticeable in other countries, eg. in Germany. Employers believe that healthy employees are more productive, optimistic and more involved in their tasks. It is also an element of building a positive image of the company.

- The estimated growth of the fresh fruit industry is around 15%. However, to help the industry grow, individual companies must ensure that the products they provide are of the highest quality. This is a big logistical challenge, especially in the summer - says Peter Zemke, manager of Fruitful Office, a company that has been supplying fruit to various countries of Western Europe for 10 years.

To assure the real-time monitoring of transported and stored products and thus meet the requirements of customers, Fruitful has chosen a special temperature monitoring system provided by a French-Polish company Blulog. Fruitful uses temperature data loggers installed in various locations all over Germany). How does the temperature monitoring system work in practice?

- Data loggers collect data and send it to the hub which uploads them to the cloud. Each authorized person has full knowledge of the entire cold chain thanks to a personalizable application. He can thus react quickly in case of temperature deviations. Whatsmore, SMS and emails alerts are sent when there is any anomaly - describes Jérémy Laurens, CEO of Blulog.

The company is planning to enlarge the system by installing data loggers in two new distributions centers.

Blulog equips Fruitful - company delivering fresh fruits to businesses - a new trend beneficial for everyone

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