Blulog equips the Australian region of Queensland with temperature monitoring solution

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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80 percent of the Australian state of Queensland are used for agriculture. Tropical fruit cultivated there are exported all over the world. Blulog elaborated a solution supporting the temperature monitoring of the goods during storage and shipment

Australia is the twelfth largest economy in the world and one of its key branches is export, including agri-food products. The climatic and geographical diversity, and hence the different growing time of particular plants in particular regions makes the export business lucrative the whole year. According to the Australian government, up to 90 kinds of fruit and vegetables are exported to a total of over 60 countries around the world. The value of their agricultural exports is estimated at over 44.7 Billion dollars. The most important destinations are Hong Kong, United States, the Pacific Islands, East Asia and Europe.

One of the most important agricultural regions in Australia is Queensland - 79 percent of its surface is used as agricultural land. The most popular fruit exported from Queensland are: bananas, papaya, lychee, limes, mango, dragon fruit, pomegranates, mandarins ...and many others.

Tropical fruits, tropical temperature

Queensland is considered the second hottest place on Earth - the temperature reached 50.7°C here. Although the temperatures are not extremely high on a daily basis, work related to the storage and transport of fresh products is much more difficult, especially on such a large scale. It is no wonder that the local Department of Agriculture and Fisheries was looking for a system that would allow to control the temperature both at the fruit and vegetable distribution centers and during transport. The technology developed by Blulog turned out to be suitable.

- We place temperature sensors in every cold room where we are conducting trials on the storage of tropical fruits, such as mango, bananas, citrus, as well as apples, pears, kiwi, etc. Thanks to the Blulog system, we can check data and measurement history remotely, allowing us to respond to any temperature management issues quickly.. Currently, the system operates in Cairns and Maroochy, Queensland - explains Daniel Sole, Senior Technician with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Queensland.

SMS notifications

The system developed by Blulog solves an important industry problem - it allows to constantly monitor the temperature without the need of manual checking.

- Our system is based on two technologies: radio waves (RF) and NFC (used, among others, for contactless payments with a smartphone). This allows the automatic measurement process. The temperature of the fruit (or other products if necessary) is under constant and strict control, the measurement takes place wirelessly, in real time - says Jérémy Laurens, CEO of Blulog.

The credit card size recorders send data to a hub connected to the network. Then, in case of an anomaly, SMS or e-mail notification is sent to the responsible person.

The Department also appreciates other functionalities of the solution developed by Blulog and plans to enlarge the system.

Blulog’s technology is already used by in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Haiti, Singapore.

Blulog equips the Australian region of Queensland with temperature monitoring solution

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