Save chocolate Easter bunnies with Blulog solution!

Daria Roszczyk-Krowicka
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All the manufacturers of sweets are in big rush before Easter. And quality chocolates are always appreciated. Among the most commonly bought products we can enumerate above all chocolate bars, bunnies, or eggs.

The more sweets customers order, the harder becomes the work for manufacturers and distributors to plan the right logistics while ensuring the highest quality.

Valos Chocolates, a small commercial chocolate company, produces high quality boxed and novelty chocolates. Like most small producers,the quality of their product is of highest importance.

Valos purchased a simple Blulog RF temperature monitoring system to monitor temperatures in their factory, thus ensuring that the end product would produced and kept in ideal temperatures for product quality and consistency. Valos installed one RF temperature logger along with the RF Hub. Since the system is wireless, installation was extremely simple and took less than 1/2 hour.

"The RF logger takes a temperature every 10 minutes and sends that information to the hub, which is LAN connected to their internet provider," explains Ted Wilkes from Bluline Solutions. "The information is uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed via the customer's BluConsole dashboard."

In BluConsole, temperature alerts can be set for high and low temperature limits as well as send alert emails, texts, or optional telephone alerts. Reports can be generated by date range and printed as pdf or csv files. In case of tempeartures outside of ideal ranges, the owner or manager is alerted so that corrective action can be taken immediately, reducing the risk of product quality issues.

Within a few months of purchasing the Blulog RF system, Valos' owner was alerted to out of temperature conditions due to a failed HVAC system. Having the Blulog system in place enabled Valos to take action quickly and have the system repaired.

Blulog RF systems can be utilized in many steps in the chocolate process including raw material storage, production, final product storage, and transportation. A simple two zone monitoring system, like the one installed at Valos, costs under $500 and has no monthly service fees.

Save chocolate Easter bunnies with Blulog solution!

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