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NEW: air compressor by BOGE

New in the oil-free segment: BOGE EO series

Particularly where sensitive working environments are concerned, oil-free compressed air is a must. However, since, no compressor in the small to mediumperformance oil-free segment (up to 22 kW) has been quiet and compact enough up to now to use right at the workplace, BOGE set out to develop the EO series. The scroll compressors in this series work extremely quietly with very low-vibration. A modular concept with 1-4 airends systematically matches compressor use to demand and also offers maximum versatility - no matter whether used on receivers, with a refrigerant air dryer, as a duplex unit or with a cyclone separator.

The design principle

The centrepiece of BOGE EO compressors (eccentric, oil-free) is made up of one or more scroll compressors. Each of these operates with two spirals, one of which is fixed while the other rotates eccentrically. The two spirals interleave without touching. The air intake is continuously pressed into the increasingly narrower interior space, thereby generating pulsation-free compressed air which is absolutely oil-free. The use of a two-stage aftercooler provides an additional boost to efficiency

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