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The new S-4 screw compressor: whisper-quiet, efficient operation

The new S-4 screw compressor: whisper-quiet, efficient operation.

With the S-4, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN is setting a technological milestone in the screw compressor sector. Following a redesign, the compressed air system is not only extremely efficient, but also whisper-quiet at 69 dB(A). This also makes it suitable for environments that are sensitive to noise. The enclosed direct drive provides for low-maintenance continuous operation, even with high dust volumes. The control system, focus control 2.0, supports interconnected operation with up to four units without the use of additional higher-level control.

To cater for growing demands from customers for compressed air systems with minimum power consumption in the performance range from 110 to 160 kW, this family firm from Bielefeld has turned the design principle of the oil-lubricated screw compressor on its head. It owes its gain in efficiency to effilence IntegrateDrive, BOGE's first airend to feature integrated gears. The large-scale design of the compressor provides high delivery rates with low power consumption. The level of energy consumed by the S-4 compressors thus falls by as much as eight percent. The integrated gears are hermetically enclosed. The drive has optimum protection from high levels of dust in the ambient air, which occur, for example, when flour is used in the food industry. The result is a low-maintenance, extremely long service life of over 35,000 operating hours.

Sound-optimised design

A machine unit isolated from vibrations – that's the key to low noise. At 69 dB(A) the new generation is 7 dB(A) quieter than the previous model. To achieve this, BOGE isolated the oil separator from the base frame and the soundhood to prevent the transmission of any vibrations. To accomplish isolation, BOGE come up with a first: designing a vertical oil separator with a new pre-separation system. Other benefits are a low residual oil content in the compressed air, minimal pressure losses and a long service life for the separating element. As the machine is so quiet, it can also be used in environments that are sensitive to noise, e.g. next to a workstation. No additional sound insulation is required for the structure.

Maintenance intervals extended with smart control

The focus control 2.0 control system is designed to anticipate operating states and automatically adjusts to the temperatures and pressure levels that occur. Entirely in line with Industry 4.0, the new BOGE system makes it possible to simultaneously monitor the operating states and maintenance intervals of up to four compressors. This not only significantly extends service life, but allows the user to take full advantage of the potential offered by the system. Thanks to these attributes S-4 screw compressors are suitable e.g. for three-shift operation. When maintenance is required, there is easy access to components via the removable service doors on two sides of the screw compressor.

The new S-4 screw compressor will be available from November 2016.


  • Bielefeld, Germany
  • Boge