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Bonfiglioli New TQ precision planetary gearboxes series: top class innovation

Main sectors where new TQ fits are: industrial automation systems, robotics, machine tools, packaging machines, and host of other applications requiring high performance servo drive systems.

TQ series match high demanding requirements of servo system such us fast dynamic response, changing speeds, precise position & motion control, high number of start / stops, high compactness level ones.

• TQ is designed in five sizes 060, 070, 090, 130 e 160 covering a wide spectrum of ratios into the market thanks to its designed based on one or two reduction stages.

• TQ represents the top class precision gearbox on the market and boosts a significant performance increased rating thanks to housing with nitrurising and honing of internal ring gear. Nominal torque distribution between 30 – 800 Nm & Accelerating torque between 100-1200 Nm

• TQ is equipped with higher rating bearings for output shaft aimed to satisfy your requirements for highest radial and axial forces applications. Reinforced bearings design option extends the higher performance rating ensuring a long lifetime and reliability of gearbox.

• Highest input speed on the market rank TQ as the best choice to match fastest servomotors applications.

• While the total elimination of backlash is practically impossible in toothed gear transmissions, due to its design and innovative manufacturing process it is possible to get with TQ serie an extremely reduced backlash lower than 2 arc/min.

• Optimized planetary full needle roller bearings allow higher output torque due to maximizing of contact points and increased stiffness, reduced wear & backlash.

• Designed for S1 duty and S5 cyclic operation

• Universal Mounting Position

• Modular design to comply with your needs due to the various features proposed such us smooth shaft / key shaft; standard & reinforced bearings; standard and low backlash.

• Reliable sizing and true clearly defined catalogue rating together with optimization of your application with our servo-sizing tool avoid over sizing that increases the initial system cost as well as the ongoing operating cost of a servo system.


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