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Hägglunds drives offer flexible power that can boost productivity in chemical manufacturing

Direct drive solutions for reactors, mixers and agitators

Key processes in the chemical industry depend on continuous rotary motion. In most reactors, mixers and agitators, the power for this movement is provided by traditional electromechanical drive systems. There are other options, however, with advantages for chemical production.

Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems from Bosch Rexroth have been present in the chemical industry for the past 40 years. Built around compact, lightweight motors that mount directly on the driven shaft, these modular systems have exceptional speed and torque capabilities that give them high power density.

Because Hägglunds drive systems are gearless, they are well matched to continuous chemical production processes. Able to soft-start without any ramp time, they can be operated in forward or reverse at any speed within their installed range. This creates ample opportunities for optimizing output and product quality.

In terms of torque, the drives are similarly flexible. Not only do they provide high torque, they can supply it at reduced speed and without time restriction – even at levels far beyond nominal. In this way, they allow chemical manufacturers to make optimal use of their installed electric power. Maximum torque is also available from zero speed, which means quick restarts are possible after a power failure or an emergency stop.

On the reverse side of the torque equation, Hägglunds drives offer hydraulic pressure limiting that can safeguard the driven equipment against torque stresses. During an overload situation at dynamic load, for example due to blockage, the equipment is further protected by the hydraulic motor’s very low moment of inertia.

Hägglunds motors themselves are well prepared for chemical production, as their compliance with ATEX makes them suitable for hazardous areas. The drive units, which contain the hydraulic pumps and the electric motor that powers them, can also be configured as EX-proof. However, since these can be located well away from the motor, it is possible simply to place them outside the hazardous zone.

Such a high degree of flexibility, both in construction and in operation, can be difficult to achieve with an electromechanical solution. For chemical producers looking to install new capacity or to upgrade an existing plant, Hägglunds direct drive systems may be the easiest and most effective route to higher productivity.


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