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Brevini: New series of axial piston units

Brevini Power Transmission
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The new SH9V motors are the natural evolution of the worldwide appreciated SH7V series. Displacements available range between 61 to 215 cc/rev and offer excellent performances: max speed 4450 rpm, max torque 1482 Nm, max power 450 Kw. The new SH9V series increases pistons from 7 to 9, a manufacturing choice that offers many advantages like excellent and smooth ride even at low revs, good starting responsiveness, high rotating uniformity and optimized global efficiency. Thanks to these features the SH9V is ideal for applications requiring precision and working uniformity at low speeds such as Brevini winch WHL120 which offers a pulling capacity up to 8500 kg at the first layer and is able to hold up to 250 mt of rope. Thanks to electronics and new E series planetary gearbox WHL winches offer high safety standard and excellent performances in terms of long life and noise even at high motor speed.

Compact, strong and reliable the Brevini motor / winch system is easy to install and suits all kinds of applications in material handling and logistic sectors (mobile and industrial cranes, construction machines, port and offshore equipment, tow trucks).

Brevini: New series of axial piston units

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